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Adults on the Autism Spectrum Leave the Nest
by Nancy Perry
Children on the Autism Spectrum often grow up to find they are unable to cope effectively with the challenges of adult life. This book shows that, with the appropriate lifelong care from parents and carers, it is possible for those with ...

22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man with Asperger's Syndrome
by Rudy Simone
Although having Asperger Syndrome (AS) can make romantic relations difficult, having a fulfilling relationship with an Asperger man is certainly not impossible. A woman in love with a man with AS may interpret his difficulties with communication ...

Adults with Autism
by Stephen H. Morgan
A very practical and novel view of autism from the adult perspective. An essential guide for effective provision of services in community care.

A Guide to Successful Employment for Individuals with Autism
by Marcia Datlow Smith
Gathering the authors' knowledge and insight gleaned from 15 years of working directly with individuals with autism, this handbook stresses that many people with autism have skills that employers seek. Leaving no aspect of job placement ...

A Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome
by E Veronica Bliss
A Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome presents an empowering, practical approach to helping people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) to succeed at college, at work, at home and in life. The authors highlight how treating AS as a `problem' is ...